Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Six-Year-Old Suspended For Sexual Harassment

A first-grader in Brockton, Massachusetts was suspended after school officials claimed he sexually harassed a female classmate. A full article can be found here.

Quick Summary:
  • The boy was accused of touching the girl's skin beneath the rear wasteband of her pants.
  • The boy claims have only touched the girl's shirt after the girl touched him first.
  • His mother, Berthena Dorinvil, claims her son is too young to understand what sexual harassment is.
  • The mother also says that the school report the incident to the police and district attorney's office.
  • Brockton Public Schools spokeswoman Cynthia McNally says the child would not have been suspended without an investigation.

My $0.02: The way I view the situation, the two first-graders were just harassing each other the way first-graders do. There's nothing sexual about the situation. A six-year-old doesn't even know what sex is, so how can he sexually harass another student? It's just a situation that got blown way out of proportion.

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