Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prizes for Babies

In Russia's central province on Wednesday, couples were encouraged to skip work and help boost the country's birth rate. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Exactly nine months from then on June 12, prizes such as an apartment will be issued to women who give birth.

Win a prize? What a wonderful reason for having a child! Hm... I'm reminded vaguely of 1984's concept of service to your country....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Jones Energy Drink Review

Drink: Big Jones Energy Drink
Official Site:
Jones Soda

As a huge fan of Jones Soda, I expected the tastiness the company generally offers in its drinks to transfer to their energy drink offering. Instead, I was greeted by a head-jerkingly bad taste. I could barely down the bitter concoction enough to write the review. No amount of energy could compensate for the nastiness of the drink itself.

Summary: Don't drink unless you want your taste buds burned off.
Final Score: 1 out of 5


I've been getting consumed by life lately. I just have too much to do. However... I feel incredibly guilty about letting this blog go un-updated for so long. So I've decided to change strategies. I'll still post energy drink reviews. However, as far as the news portions are concerned, I plan to make the postings more like Slashdot. Writing full out summaries was just too tiring. Better something than nothing. Hopefully, this will be the last time you get an apology post from me.

Big Nick

Friday, July 13, 2007

Monster M-80 Energy Juice Drink Review

Drink: Monster M-80
Official Site:
Monster Energy

Monster M-80 seems to have the same generic flavor of other energy juice blends. Though somewhat sweet with a hint of passion fruit, the classic energy drink aftertaste just drags the whole ensemble down.

Summary: Like every other energy juice I've had.
Final Score: 3 out of 5

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Peanut Butter Turned Into Diamonds

George Washington Carver, eat your heart out. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • To create a diamond, scientists at Edinburgh University squeeze the peanut butter between the tips of two diamonds at pressure harder than that at the center of the earth.
  • Since peanut butter is a carbon containing material, it can be converted into the hard carbon structure of a diamond.
  • Small red crystals can be made from oxygen by using the same method.

My $0.02: Welcome to alchemy in the 21st century.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Frappio Espresso Latte Energy

Drink: Frappio Energy
Official Site:
Frappio- Home

The makers of Frappio obviously didn't believe in adding sugar to their drink. No sweetness can be detected in the espresso latte flavor. I'm quick to admit I'm not a huge fan of coffee. Frappio could likely be very appealing for a segment of the drinking population which wants a different sort of caffeine fix. However, the taste is unlikely to appeal to anyone beside hard-core coffee drinkers.

Summary: Only for those who love their coffee bitter and black.
Final Score: 3 out of 5

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cocaine Energy Drink Review

Drink: Cocaine
Official Site:

Cocaine, the much publicized concoction, is yet another energy drink which relies on its name appeal to attract drinkers rather than providing a decent flavor. The mixture tastes like a combination of strawberry pop mixed with black pepper. Just taking the first swig is nearly unbearable as the hot smell invades your nose. The only redeeming quality is the energy provided. The fire burns a new life within you and somehow managed to clear my sinuses.

Summary: Not the high I expected.
Final Score: 2 out of 5

Image Soure: Me, as is obvious by the washer machine in the background.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clamato Energia Energy Drink Review

Drink: Clamato Energia
Official Site:

Upon opening Clamato's can, the sickening smell of bouillon cubes floats out in overpowering waves. I should listen to my sense of smell. Clamato's indecript vegetable blend is an intolerable swill. I couldn't even drink enough to rate the energy factor.

Summary: Don't drink unless you love the taste of V8.
Final Score: 1 out 5

Squirrel Gone Wild

*like the PSP commercial* Squirrel, please! Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A squirrel ran into a house in Passau, a town in Germany, where he attacked a 70-year-old woman, biting her hand.
  • The woman ran into the street in fear with the squirrel still biting her hand. She managed to fling it off.
  • The animal then entered a building site where it leapt onto a construction worker who fought the creature off with a measuring pole.
  • The squirrel then entered the garden of a 72-year-old man and attacked.
  • The man killed the squirrel with his crutch, stopping the rampage.
  • Local authorities say the attack was likely due to mating season aggression or sickness in the squirrel.

My $0.02: Due to mating aggression? Well, then:
Squirrel-a-licious definition make them boys go crazies!
They run about biting like they have rabies!
It's the B to the I to the T, I, N, and G,
and can't no other squirrel chomp down like me!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Possible Powdered Alcohol for Minors

At least it's watered down. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • 5 Dutch students made powdered alcohol for their final-year project at Helicon Devotional Institute.
  • When water is added, the powder becomes a bubbly lime drink with 3% alcohol content.
  • The drink could be sold to minors since it is in a powdered form.
  • Booz2Go, as the concoction is called, comes in packets of 20 g and costs between $1.60 to $2.45.

My $0.02: I can already hear the distant din of religious groups and political activists rising up to protect 'traditional family values.'

Friday, May 25, 2007

Orange County Choppers Energy Drink Review

Drink: Orange County Choppers Energy Drink
Official Site: The Teutels must be trying to disown it since I couldn't find a promotional site.

Banking on its reputation, the show Orange County Choppers now has its only own energy drink. You'll want to wedge your size 12 shoe in the side of the can at the first sip as the unidentifiable mutant flavor hits your tongue. The only slightly redeeming factor is the energy factor, but it cannot compensate for this poor product which rides on its brand name.

Summary: You'll want to speed away from this drink.
Final Score: 2 out of 5

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Canada Reveals C$1,000,000 Coin

That's aboot US $903,352.83 all crammed into one coin of shiny goodness. I must now go to Canada and demand... *places pinkie to mouth* ONE MILLION DOLLARS! *music plays*

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jeff Gordon 24 Energy Drink

Drink: Jeff Gordon 24 Energy Drink
Official Site: Not available

NASCAR's champion, Jeff Gordon, should be proud to have his name attached to such a drink. Though I am typically wary of orange energy drinks, Jeff Gordon 24 zoomed onto my taste buds with a rich orange tangerine flavor. The drink flat-out outraces other non-promotional drinks on the market. With 75 mg of caffeine per serving, there's nothing to hate about Jeff Gordon 24.

Summary: Fuel the red-neck within.
Final Score: 5 out of 5

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tasty Tongue

I'm sure this experience was delightful... Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • During a passionate kiss, an Israeli woman accidentally bit her boyfriend's tongue off.
  • A local hospital managed to reattach his tongue.
  • The man was advised to "avoid wet kisses" after being discharged from the hospital.

My $0.02: I'm suprised the woman didn't swallow the piece of tongue in shock. And... Good God, what kind of making out were they doing?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Nerd Test Evaluation Report

You probably own more surge protectors than cooking utensils.
Taking tests like this is probably the only way you can score.
You might consider bringing your laptop out of doors for some fresh air.
You don't seem to have any skills whatsoever.
You would probably enjoy being a BOFH..

I've taken a good number of nerd and geek tests but this is the first to give me such a... thorough evaluation. Check it out at
Nerd Test.

Friday, April 06, 2007

SoBe Essential Berry Pomegranate Review

Drink: SoBe Essential Berry Pomegranate
Official Site:
SoBe Bev: Essential Information

Clad in a bland white can and preaching "better-for-you energy," SoBeEssential can easily be mistaken for a diet drink. However, don't be put off by the presentation. The lightly carbonated concoction, though not exactly tasting like berry or pomegranate, is quite pleasing to the palate. The energy factor is about as good as most drinks on the market, giving SoBe Essential Berry Pomegranate a solid ranking.

Summary: Refreshingly simple taste.
Final Score: 4 out of 5

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Many People Have Your Name?
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Always good to note a lack of originality in your name...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Senior Citizen Sex Discount

Yep, another German story. Full article here.

Quick Summary:

  • The "Pascha," a brothel in Cologne, is offering a 50% discount to patrons over 66.
  • The reduced rate is between midday and 5:00 pm everyday.
  • The brothel is trying to establish itself with a new client basis.

My $0.02: Well... Senior citizens probably aren't as much work, so they might be worth the discount.

Monday, March 12, 2007

House Sliced in Half

A German man took a chainsaw to a house to slice it in half. ... Yeah... Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A 43-year-old mason from Sonneberg decided to settle his imminent divorce.
  • He chainsawed through the wooden roof and walls of the single-story house.
  • Afterward, he picked up one half and carried it to his brother's house where he is currently staying.

My $0.02: Well... After a divorce you do divide things in half...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blox Original Energy Drink Review

Drink: Blox Original
Official Site:

In contrast to its tainted orange cousin, Blox original is a surprisingly good after-taste free flavor, though the overall affect is a bit dilute. It is the drink incarnation of a Blue Raspberry Tootsie Roll Pop. The energy factor is good enough for a decent kick.

Summary: The original is always the best.
Final Score: 4 out of 5

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Color Struck

Instinct in action! Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • The study manipulated variables in orange juice.
  • Brand name could influence a person's preference in taste between cups.
  • Labeling the juice as either 'premium' or 'store brand' had no affect on the results.
  • Color had the biggest effect on taste perception.
  • When given a regular cup of Tropicana and one dyed to a darker color, the test subjects tasted a non-present difference.
  • When given cups of orange juice the same color with one having an extra cup of sugar, the people could not taste the difference.

My $0.02: Interesting implications, interesting implications... Perhaps people are loyal to one brand over the other because of coloring? Also, could the finding of the research help people on diets? If companies color food items more brightly for diet food, then perhaps the people will perceive the taste as being better than without coloring.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blox Orange Rush Energy Drink Review

Drink: Blox Orange Rush
Official Site: InDrinks

As one of my friends said, Blox Orange Rush "smells like pissed out orange juice." The scent is a warning sign for the taste of the liquid inside. The watered down flavor is similar to that of Hansen's Energade with orange rind and stale Alkaseltzer tablets added to the mix (Don't ask me how I know what orange rinds and stale Alkaseltzer tablets taste like...). An oddly grainy taste taints the whole thing. In addition to a bad taste, the drink delivers little energy.

Summary: The only rush you'll want to give this drink is away from it.
Final Score: 2 out of 5

Oh, and thanks for the inspiration Lauren. ~_^

Friday, February 02, 2007

History of Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring. However, how did the groundhog ever come into prominence with a holiday which celebrates its power to predict the future? Check out a history here.

Quick Summary:
  • The holiday is mid-way between the Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox.

  • The original celebration was the Roman Hedgehog day.
  • German folklore introduced the concept of more or less winter.
  • The hedgehog has been replaced with the groundhog in North America.
  • The Christian tradition of Candlemas which celebrates the presentation of Jesus in the temple was placed on the day to displace pagan celebrations.

  • My $0.02: Though the holiday is silly, animals can be quite perceptive. The ancients were wise to observe their behavior.

    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Caffeinated Doughnuts!

    *drools like Homer* Mmm... Doughnuts... Full article here.

    Quick Summary:
    • Doctor Robert Bohannon from Durham, North Carolina has developed a method of adding caffeine to baked goods such as pastries without a bitter flavor.
    • A single pastry has the amount of caffeine in a two cups of coffee.

    My $0.02: Tasty... Goodness... Can they make a doughnut that tastes like Amp...? I would love it...

    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Beer for Dogs

    Where else could this invention come from but Amsterdam? Full article here.

    Quick Summary:
    • A pet shop owner in Zelhem created a beer for dogs with beef extract and malt.
    • The drink, labeled Kwispelbier, was introduced to the market last week at about $2.14 per bottle.
    • The nonalcholic drink is perfectly suitable for human consumption.
    My $0.02: Tasty goodness, yes? I wonder if the beef flavored drink will inspire actual beer makers to get creative with their product.

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    PS3 Grill

    Lo and behold the next 15 second star of the internet:

    Yes. A real, working grill in the body of a PS3. Check out the madness at The Real PS3 Grill.

    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    Pen Without Ink

    Grand Illusions is offering a pen which writes with metal. Yes, absolutely no ink. The 8 cm creation uses a metal alloy to create a smudge-free mark which writes on most types of paper. The curiosity costs $29.53.
    I'm just wondering how long the metal takes to run down. And what about when the point becomes dull?

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Mi Jam Guitar Review

    Product: mi Jam (miJam) Guitar
    Official Site:
    B2 Stuff mi Jam Guitar

    With the success of RedOctane's Guitar Hero, imitators were bound to follow. Mi Jam is one of them. It advertises the ability to play along with your favorite songs on your mp3 player or computer. In reality, the mi Jam only allows you to play dissonant notes which in no way mesh
    with the song you're listening to.

    Even though I didn't expect the sound quality to be too great, the mi Jam Guitar's sounds are ridiculous caricatures of the real sounds possible. Though the mi Jam Guitar has four sounds settings, rock, heavy metal, blues, and bass, all are just plain horribly off. Also, the four keys to press for each setting make the exact same noise. Even the whammy bar adds little depth to the notes. I can hardly play the guitar and what I can do has better sound and range than this device.

    The only good aspect of the mi Jam Guitar is its design. It has a very clean look to it and feel very quite nice in your hands. The blue lights on it are also a nice touch.

    The mi Jam Guitar retails between $30 and $40. However, this gimmicky thing isn't even worth that much. Go get a copy of Guitar Hero or even a really cheap actual guitar and have a considerably better time.

    Summary: Definitely not my thing of choice to jam out with.
    Final Score: 1 out of 5

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    PS3 Sales

    As one of the die hard fans who stood outside of a Best Buy on a cold night to get the PS3 on the morning of its launch, I was horrified by a site I saw today:

    13 PS3s just sitting on Best Buy's floor waiting to be bought!

    I watched in dismay as people walked by the consoles in the front of the store without paying them any heed. Without paying any heed to item I had nearly frozen for. Without paying any heed to the item I had gone without sleep waiting for for more than 24 hours. Without... you get the point.

    However, if I was Sony, I would be scared in addition to sickened. The company is already taking a loss on each console. Not being sold out in stores at this point is a bad sign this early in the console war game.

    However, I did note all of the Wiis were out of stock.