Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Man Cuts Off Penis to Prove Faithfulness

A man severed his penis to convince his wife he wasn't cheating. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A Malaysian man argued with his wife after she found a text message on his phone from another woman.
  • To prove to his wife he wasn't cheating, the man cut off his penis and came out of his room bleeding.
  • The man was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a reattachment surgery.

My $0.02: ...



What was cutting off his penis going to prove?! It's not as if he cut off his penis before he was accused of having an affair. The situation only proved he has psychiatric problems and needs marriage counseling.

Man's Testicles Ripped Off By His Wife

The story really doesn't require more of an introduction than the title. Full article here.

Quick Summary:

  • The bi-polar wife of a Philadelphia man suspected he was cheating.
  • While he was sleeping, she assaulted him by ripping and tearing at his testicles with her fingernails.
  • Paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he was labeled to be in critical condition due to profuse bleeding.
  • He was labeled stable after a reattachment surgery.

My $0.02: I think the fact the couple lived in Tioga-Nicetown is rather amusing. While I suppose ripping your husband's testicles off would prevent him from cheating, I don't think that it's the way to go when you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

PS3 Release Date

Time to start saving up. Sony has announced the PS3 release date. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • The Playstation 3 will launch November 17th in North America.
  • The 20 GB hard disk drive(HDD) will cost $499 (US).
  • The 60 GB HDD will cost $599.

My $0.02: The system is way too expensive. Hard core gamers will pay the price, but the casual gamer will find the price to be too much. The main advantage the Playstation still has is a huge game library from backwards compatibility and great third party game support, but those won't matter if people can't afford the system in the first place.

Friday, May 26, 2006

TaB Energy Review

Drink: TaB Energy
Official Site:
TaB Energy

TaB Energy tastes like cotton candy-flavored cough syrup. There’s a reason the combination doesn’t exist, even in cough syrup. In addition to the strangely nasty taste, 10.5 fl. oz. drink doesn’t deliver on energy. The drink tries to redeem itself by being low calorie, but since the calorie count on most energy drinks isn’t high anyway, the advertising strategy doesn’t work. As a side note, I can’t help but laugh at the can color scheme. Image Source: Wikipedia

Summary: Horrible taste and no energy.
Final Score: 1 out of 5

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Arizona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic Review

Drink: Arizona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic
Official Site:
Arizona Bev

Arizona Rx Energy is a drink which leaves you feeling unfulfilled. You consistently taste citrus sweetness as you drink, but it is muffled by too much water. Additionally, there is an aftertaste like orange peels. The energy factor is ok, but not proportional to the size. However, the drink is a decent value with 23.5 fl. oz. for $0.99.

Summary: Definitely not Rx power.
Final Score: 3 out of 5

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I have recently found out about a fun little political simulation game: NationStates. In it, you get to created a nation influenced by your political views. Every day, you make a decisions which influence how your nation develops. You can join the UN and influence the decisions of the world-wide politics in the game. Though there is no winning, as in real life, you can gain serious political influence. The coolest nation in the game is the Republic of Munificent (aka, my nation).

Anti-Social Behavior Order

A retired businesswoman has been issued an anti-social behavior order due to allegations she vandalized her neighbors' property and blocked roads with dog feces and dead animals. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A 57 year-old retired businesswoman in northeast England alledgedly argued with at least 15 people.
  • She is accused of: loudly playing a choral work "about rape, pillage and the trashing of villages,"; damaging neighbors' vehicles; shining floodlights into a neighbor's home; tipping oil over in a man's driveway at night; and blocking roads and community areas with trash, dead animals, dog feces, glass, and nails.
  • There were 250 incidents involving the woman is fewer than 16 months.
  • A district judge granted the local Council's application to give the woman an anti-social behavior order(ASBO).
  • Under the order, she is banned from damaging property, spreading trash outside of her land, entering other people's domestic property, playing loud music, and installing equipment away from her land.
  • She is also ordered to pay $135,000.
  • If the order is breached, she could face up to five years is in prison.

My $0.02: With such crazy behavior, how was she ever a businesswoman?! Instead of instantly slapping an order on her, the court should have given her a psychological evaluation. Giving her the order was like stitching up a stab wound without fixing the internal damage.

Monday, May 15, 2006

SoBe Superman Super Power Adult Energy Supplement Review

Drink: SoBe Superman Super Power
Official Site: Unable to locate

In the energy drink market, you regularly come across medicinal drinks which make you sick in your stomach. At last, a hero has come to save us. SoBe Superman is a superb blend. The taste is very similar to Coca Cola mixed with light tea. While the combo may not sound good, it is wonderful. Additionally, the drink delivers Superman energy. The combination of energy and taste make this drink a true gem.

Summary: Best. Energy drink. Ever.
Final Score: 5 out of 5

Friday, May 12, 2006

Heart-Shaped Spud

During February (Potato Lover's Month), Linda Greene of Moon Township, Pennsylvania found a heart-shaped potato. She recently reported her find to the Idaho Potato Commission. The potato is currently stored in Greene's basement cupboard.

Well, hearts aren't shaped like the potato in question. The commercialized images of them disturb me to some degree when they are referred to as "hearts"... But I'm not going to go off on that geek tangent. The picture is pretty cute.

Photo Source: Yahoo! Photos

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weed Reward for Doing Homework

A mother in Pennsylvania rewarded her son for doing his homework with marijuana. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A 13-year-old boy was required to do his homework as soon as he got home.
  • As a reward, his mother would smoke marijuana with him.
  • The mother claimed she had been smoking marijuana with him since he was 11.
  • Police discovered the situation after executing a search warrant.
  • They confiscated marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and $600 she said belonged to a drug dealer.
  • The mother is charged with "marijuana possession, corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children and possession with intent to distribute drug paraphernalia".

My $0.02: My slightly off-topic question is: Why is homework so boring students must be compensated for doing it? The joy of learning something new and interesting should be enough of a reward for doing homework. However, it isn't. Why? Because the work generally done in school is dulling and repetitive. It has few, if any, applications to real life. Students must have superficial rewards to do it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hansen’s Orange Energade Review

Drink: Hansen’s Orange Energade
Official Site:
Hansen's Energy

Hansen’s Orange Energade is a monstrous 23 fl. oz. can whose contents claim to be 2 parts sports drink and 1 part energy drink. Though a novel concept, the beverage comes short of being either one. The liquid has a distinctly watered down taste. Only a slight twinge of something somewhat fruity is detectable. The only good part about the flavor is the lack of an aftertaste. The drink is non-carbonated, which though good for athletic drinkers after exercise, will turn off a lot of the main energy drink crowd. Also, the energy factor in relation to the total size is low. You end up slightly pepped up with a full bladder.

Summary: Very weak taste with little bang for size.
Final Score: 2 out of 5

Rip It Energy Fuel Lime Wrecker Review

Drink: Rip It Energy Fuel Lime Wrecker
Official Site:
Rip It Energy

Rip It Lime Wrecker is exceptionally tasty. The tangy blend, though not quite lime, is sweet and has no aftertaste. A lot of pop I’ve tasted hasn’t been this good. The only thing preventing Lime Wrecker from claiming a perfect score is the energy factor. The drink simply doesn’t have enough zest to drive you on.

Summary: Very tasty blend.
Final Score: 4 out of 5