Monday, April 24, 2006

Naked Man Found Lodged in Chimney

The title speaks for itself. Full article here.

Quick Summary:

  • In San Francisco, police were called to a house under the assumption a burglary had been attempted.
  • They found 23-year-old Michael Urbano completely naked and stuck in the chimney.
  • He said he had come home without his keys and decided to enter the house through the chimney.
  • Urbano removed his clothing because he thought his clothes would slow him as he went down.
  • The attempt failed because the cable-television wire he was using to lower himself with snapped.
  • Urbano remained trapped for four hours before help reached him.
  • The police booked Urbano for being under the influence of drugs.

My $0.02: ...

Sometimes, I wonder how many more incidents like this occur and go unrecorded.

Hansen's Energy Deuce Review

Drink: Hansen’s Energy Deuce
Official Site:
Hansen's Energy

So far, I haven’t come across an energy I felt I was unable to drink. Or so it was before I tried Hansen’s Energy Deuce. The overpowering drink sickened me. It had the taste of mutated green tea. After choking down half of the can, I got use to the taste. As this point, it simply became another bland mix flowing down my throat. The energy was not worth the damage to my taste buds.

Summary: Toxic waste in a can.
Final Score: 1 out of 5

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Animals Return to Nuclear Blast Region

After 20 years, wild life is now thriving in the region of the Chernobyl. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • After the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine exploded in 1986, humans evacuated the area.
  • In the absence of humans, animals have returned to the region.
  • Trees are growing back, though they are very deformed.
  • Local animals stuck in the area are as healthy as animals in clean areas.
  • Mice introduced to the area did not fare as well as local mice.
  • Only one mouse was found with cancer-like symptoms.
  • Ample evidence of DNA mutation was found, though none of the mutations affected the physiology or reproduction of the animals.
  • According to one scientist, the benefits of removing humans has outweighed the harm of radiation.
  • James Lovelock, an environmentalist, wonders if small amounts of nuclear waste should be in tropical forest to protect them from greedy investors.

My $0.02: Wow. Humans are worse than a nuclear blast for wild life. Without man continually ruining the region, animals have been able to adapt and come back in full force. I can't agree with the idea of introducing nuclear waster to a region since it so negatively affects animals currently living in the region, but the story does emphasize the negative role people have on a region.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monster Rabbit

German rabbit breeder showcases his giant male breeding rabbit named Robert. The fact this is a breeding rabbit is simply 'hare-raising'. Just thought the pic was appropriate with Easter approaching.

Yahoo! Photos

Friday, April 14, 2006

3C Increase in Temperature Could Wreck Planet

With CO2 emissions showing no signs of decreasing, the earth could be in for some major climate changes. Full article here.

Quick Summary:

  • A report by the Hadley Center, an authority on world temperature, simulated a 3C temperature change.
  • The model showed an outcome which could destroy half of all wildlife reserves, wreck major forest systems, and put 400 million people at risk for hunger.
  • Such a change in temperature could likely occur in 100 years.
  • The UK and the EU are trying to prevent a temperature rise of above 2C.
  • China and India's emissions are rapidly rising.
  • The US refuses to cut emissions with chief climate adviser, James Connaughton, being cited as saying he "did not believe anyone could forecast a safe level and cutting greenhouse gas emissions could harm the world economy. "

My $0.02: There is no way Europe alone can prevent a temperature rise with the global CO2 situation. It's only a small part of the whole planet. The U.S.'s refusal to even acknowledge the situation is shocking considering the fact it usually empasizes its role in helping the global economy. However, beyond all of the material on global warming, I wonder about the information saying the planet is due for another ice age. What effect will such conflicting forces have on each other?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

BooKoo Bite Energy Review

Drink: BooKoo Bite Energy
Official Site:
BooKoo Energy

When Bookoo uses the word “bite”, they mean it. The drink has a biting taste and rends your stomach to pieces. It is one of the few energy drinks that made me gag. Though it has a slightly pleasant sweet taste at times, nothing compensates for the overall feel. However, Bookoo does deliver on its promise to deliver “bookoo” energy.

Summary: Terribly nasty rush.
Final Score: 3 out of 5

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ticket for Crossing Street Too Slowly

Put some pep in your step when crossing the street, or you run the risk of getting a ticket. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • Mayvis Coyle, an 82-year-old Cherokee medicine woman, started crossing a street in San Fernando Valley with her cane when light was green.
  • When the light turned red while she was crossing, an officer ticketed her for obstructing traffic.
  • The ticket is for $114.
  • The police department says it is cracking down on pedestrians improperly crossing the street to prevent accidents.

My $0.02: Pedestrians are supposed to have the right of way. Though some people in cars might be inconvenienced, the light time should be extended to account for older citizens and other people with mobility problems. Besides, few could cross five lanes of traffic in 20 seconds without exerting themselves, including my out-of-shape geek self.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

BooKoo Citrus Energy Review

Drink: BooKoo Citrus Energy
Official Site:
BooKoo Energy

As far as energy, the most important part, is concerned, BooKoo Citrus Energy gives a decent kick. It also manages to perform a miracle: there is no aftertaste. It is a clear with a slightly tangy flavor. I actually felt refreshed. However, in getting rid of the aftertaste, the drink somehow became too bland. Also, the drink is not sweet, which will turn many people off to it.

Summary: Great if you have trouble choking down other energy drinks.
Final Score: 3 out of 5