Sunday, February 18, 2007

Color Struck

Instinct in action! Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • The study manipulated variables in orange juice.
  • Brand name could influence a person's preference in taste between cups.
  • Labeling the juice as either 'premium' or 'store brand' had no affect on the results.
  • Color had the biggest effect on taste perception.
  • When given a regular cup of Tropicana and one dyed to a darker color, the test subjects tasted a non-present difference.
  • When given cups of orange juice the same color with one having an extra cup of sugar, the people could not taste the difference.

My $0.02: Interesting implications, interesting implications... Perhaps people are loyal to one brand over the other because of coloring? Also, could the finding of the research help people on diets? If companies color food items more brightly for diet food, then perhaps the people will perceive the taste as being better than without coloring.

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