Sunday, June 17, 2007

Squirrel Gone Wild

*like the PSP commercial* Squirrel, please! Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A squirrel ran into a house in Passau, a town in Germany, where he attacked a 70-year-old woman, biting her hand.
  • The woman ran into the street in fear with the squirrel still biting her hand. She managed to fling it off.
  • The animal then entered a building site where it leapt onto a construction worker who fought the creature off with a measuring pole.
  • The squirrel then entered the garden of a 72-year-old man and attacked.
  • The man killed the squirrel with his crutch, stopping the rampage.
  • Local authorities say the attack was likely due to mating season aggression or sickness in the squirrel.

My $0.02: Due to mating aggression? Well, then:
Squirrel-a-licious definition make them boys go crazies!
They run about biting like they have rabies!
It's the B to the I to the T, I, N, and G,
and can't no other squirrel chomp down like me!

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