Saturday, January 21, 2006

Trading From a Red Paper Clip to a Car

A man named Kyle MacDonald has managed to trade enough to go from having a red paper clip to having 1995 Ford Cube Van. The link to the his page is here.

The list of trades is as follows(each item was traded for the item after it):

  1. One red paper clip
  2. A fish pen
  3. A doorknob
  4. A Coleman stove
  5. A red generator
  6. One beer keg, one neon Budweiser sign, one I.O.U. for a kegĂ‚’s worth of beer.
  7. A famous skidoo(1991 Bombardier Mach 1)
  8. A three-day trip to Yahk, British Columbia, Canada
  9. A 1995 Ford Cube Van

My $0.02: This is pretty amazing to me. True, some of the trades seem absurd, but the story is interesting none the less. It gives me hope for a pink paper clip I found in my binder the other day...

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