Friday, September 22, 2006

$1000+ Dollar Keyboard

Yep, a company called Stealth Computer Corporation is offering an industrial desktop computer keyboard for the paltry sum $1195. According to the site, the keyboard features:

1. Totally Sealed
NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Full Case travel QWERTY.
2. 114 Keys, 24 Function Keys, WIN KEY
3. Removable trackball for convenient cleaning
4. Adjustable Tension Ring ensures the proper amount of trackball smoothness for any user.
5. 10 Million cycles expected life
6. 6' cable w/ 5-pin DIN, 9-pin serial connectors, PS/2 cables or USB connector
7. Dimensions: 20.25"W x 7.9"D x 1.9"H

Ready to dole out about $1200 for a keyboard? The ordering page is
here. I can imagine that you're desperately clicking on the link to make sure you get your keyboard before they run out.

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