Saturday, October 14, 2006

Students Use Classroom Trash Can as Toilet

A South Carolina teacher gave five fifth-grade students permission to use a trash can as a toilet during a lockdown drill. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • The teacher, Philip Frandino, allowed four girls and one boy to use the trash can during a lockdown drill which lasted for less than an hour.
  • Girls used their jackets to shield the view of another girl using the bathroom while the other students turned their backs.
  • The boys followed the same procedure for the one boy who used the trash can.
  • The school district spokesman says the students were given all possible privacy and sanitary wipes.
  • Last year, Philip Frandino was reprimanded for isolating a student for two hours by cardboard for talking.

My $0.02: Wow. If it was an actual lockdown, the intruder would have been a bit disarmed by such a scene. I'm sure that was the strategy all along....

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