Saturday, May 20, 2006

Anti-Social Behavior Order

A retired businesswoman has been issued an anti-social behavior order due to allegations she vandalized her neighbors' property and blocked roads with dog feces and dead animals. Full article here.

Quick Summary:
  • A 57 year-old retired businesswoman in northeast England alledgedly argued with at least 15 people.
  • She is accused of: loudly playing a choral work "about rape, pillage and the trashing of villages,"; damaging neighbors' vehicles; shining floodlights into a neighbor's home; tipping oil over in a man's driveway at night; and blocking roads and community areas with trash, dead animals, dog feces, glass, and nails.
  • There were 250 incidents involving the woman is fewer than 16 months.
  • A district judge granted the local Council's application to give the woman an anti-social behavior order(ASBO).
  • Under the order, she is banned from damaging property, spreading trash outside of her land, entering other people's domestic property, playing loud music, and installing equipment away from her land.
  • She is also ordered to pay $135,000.
  • If the order is breached, she could face up to five years is in prison.

My $0.02: With such crazy behavior, how was she ever a businesswoman?! Instead of instantly slapping an order on her, the court should have given her a psychological evaluation. Giving her the order was like stitching up a stab wound without fixing the internal damage.


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