Monday, May 01, 2006

Hansen’s Orange Energade Review

Drink: Hansen’s Orange Energade
Official Site:
Hansen's Energy

Hansen’s Orange Energade is a monstrous 23 fl. oz. can whose contents claim to be 2 parts sports drink and 1 part energy drink. Though a novel concept, the beverage comes short of being either one. The liquid has a distinctly watered down taste. Only a slight twinge of something somewhat fruity is detectable. The only good part about the flavor is the lack of an aftertaste. The drink is non-carbonated, which though good for athletic drinkers after exercise, will turn off a lot of the main energy drink crowd. Also, the energy factor in relation to the total size is low. You end up slightly pepped up with a full bladder.

Summary: Very weak taste with little bang for size.
Final Score: 2 out of 5


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