Monday, December 25, 2006

How Does the World Feel?

With today being Christmas, I felt a little sad to discover this at

How is the world feeling?

The world feels...
lonely (27%)
frustrated (18%)
helpless (18%)
peaceful (18%)
bored (9%)
excited (9%)
other (1%)
That's just plain disturbing for Christmas. Advertisers would have you believe it's the happiest time of the year. Christmas is probably one the biggest time of social disconnect as we realize our failings of the year and face our disappointing families. *sigh*
Anyway, check out Moodtap. It's a pretty neat little site when what you see on it isn't depressing.


emogirl44 said...

Hey! It's me, "S.G." that's toally sad about the would, now I know its full of emos!(LOL)

emogirl44 said...

The Wolrd's full of emos! Thank God I'm one of them!