Friday, December 29, 2006


Geeky Musings has been up and running one year! I'm incredibly happy as I look on the blog today and find that it has had 2001 visitors. I never imagined that many people would even glance at 103 posts I've made.

What was that first humble post like? Well here it is:


Hi! This is just a brief introduction. As the title implies, I plan to post anime fan fiction and a few odds and end here. I should post some stuff soon.

Oh yes. You knew from those few sentences that something big was about to begin.

The original address for the blog was Yes, that gruesome title was ditched within the first few days.

I hope to make this a great year. I have a collaboration in the works. Plans are in motion to start making more posts overall and more with a leaning on the 'musings' side of the title. I'm going work to hard make this year better than the first.

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