Friday, January 05, 2007

Mi Jam Guitar Review

Product: mi Jam (miJam) Guitar
Official Site:
B2 Stuff mi Jam Guitar

With the success of RedOctane's Guitar Hero, imitators were bound to follow. Mi Jam is one of them. It advertises the ability to play along with your favorite songs on your mp3 player or computer. In reality, the mi Jam only allows you to play dissonant notes which in no way mesh
with the song you're listening to.

Even though I didn't expect the sound quality to be too great, the mi Jam Guitar's sounds are ridiculous caricatures of the real sounds possible. Though the mi Jam Guitar has four sounds settings, rock, heavy metal, blues, and bass, all are just plain horribly off. Also, the four keys to press for each setting make the exact same noise. Even the whammy bar adds little depth to the notes. I can hardly play the guitar and what I can do has better sound and range than this device.

The only good aspect of the mi Jam Guitar is its design. It has a very clean look to it and feel very quite nice in your hands. The blue lights on it are also a nice touch.

The mi Jam Guitar retails between $30 and $40. However, this gimmicky thing isn't even worth that much. Go get a copy of Guitar Hero or even a really cheap actual guitar and have a considerably better time.

Summary: Definitely not my thing of choice to jam out with.
Final Score: 1 out of 5

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