Monday, January 01, 2007

PS3 Sales

As one of the die hard fans who stood outside of a Best Buy on a cold night to get the PS3 on the morning of its launch, I was horrified by a site I saw today:

13 PS3s just sitting on Best Buy's floor waiting to be bought!

I watched in dismay as people walked by the consoles in the front of the store without paying them any heed. Without paying any heed to item I had nearly frozen for. Without paying any heed to the item I had gone without sleep waiting for for more than 24 hours. Without... you get the point.

However, if I was Sony, I would be scared in addition to sickened. The company is already taking a loss on each console. Not being sold out in stores at this point is a bad sign this early in the console war game.

However, I did note all of the Wiis were out of stock.

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